The Big Leaf


Black Swan Consulting


A Black Swan is an event that is unexpected, has wide ranging unpredictable consequences on many industries, and is often the cause of major volatility.


Most businesses don't have a full business plan, or a plan to deal with black swan events…and most businesses suffer major losses as a direct result.


Our team utilizes multiple tools and methodologies to help your business better plan for the future, including the unexpected.

Management Consulting


From industry and market research, to opportunity spotting and strategy development, to execution and management, our team of professional consultants has over 350 years of combined experience to assist your business.


You will have access to several Certified Management Consultants (CMC). CMCs are the highest echelon of consultants worldwide and can work in over 40 countries without a Visa.


Are you a Subject Matter Expert in you industry? Are you aware of the trends and factors affecting change in your industry and market?


Do you have a Clear Understanding of the Opportunities in your industry and markets?


Have you developed a Value Proposition that is sound, cogent, and unbiased? Have you Validated your value proposition?


Do you have a Marketing Plan, Operations Plan and Financial Plan that are based on SMART goals?

E-Commerce Solutions


We've developed a series of services to take your business online. From web development to digital advertising, and from product development to online sales and delivery, we can help you to reach your goals and scale.

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