The Big Leaf
Management Consulting Services

Only 1 in 10 Companies Survives Beyond Five Years…

We Can Help You Reduce That Risk, Create Value & Develop a Meaningful Competitive Advantage

Opportunity Spotting

Research-driven opportunity spotting requires robust data and analysis, innovation, as well as validation.


Data analysis can be costly and time consuming. Innovation is rare, valuable, and often fraught with risk. Validation can be extremely complex, but very fruitful.

Industry & Market Analyses

 We'll help you increase the odds of success in your favour with in depth industry and market analyses.


We help you understand your industry including its origins, its current situation, and where it is going. We also help you to gain a clear picture of the markets you service including their demographics, psycho-graphics, demands, gaps, trends, etc.

Value Creation

Using the data and analyses from your industry and markets, as well as internal analyses, we help you determine what your value proposition is.


We then help you to create new value. As an entrepreneurial consulting firm, we believe in the power of scale as it relates to value delivery and operational efficiency.


We help you create new value, scale it and deliver it to more customers.

Why People Choose Us


Years of Combined Experience


Robust and Eclectic Team of Professionals That is Growing


Customer Satisfaction Rate

Recent Case

KnowQuest Inc.

From Failing Business to the World's First & Only Academic Feedback Platform



Increase in Share Price


In Savings


  • Malik Khan

    "Rahi is a great listener. He is keen on identifying pain points and cautious about how to resolve them. Rahi helped KHK Partners overhaul our IT department, upgrade our workstations, and helped train our employees to use the new software. It was always fun working with him, and he is an avid problem solver!"

  • Chris Stigas

    "I needed to prepare my start-up for the next round of funding. Rahi and the Big Leaf team came in and helped me prepare a business plan, crowd funding plan, and value proposition. Rahi took the time to ensure I was prepared and agile enough to take my business to the next step."

  • Sara Torki

    "We started OTE Studios, a fashion design company, without any previous business experience or knowledge. Our background is in electrical engineering and architecture. So, we needed a means to both learn about business management and entrepreneurship, and develop a workable business plan.

    Rahi has been very patient and diligent with regards to his advisory role, and sharp in his strategy development role. Highly Recommended!"

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